Cartridge pool filters have become a preferred option of pool owners these days. This type of pool filter comprises of a system of removable cartridges that trap dirt and debris. When water passes through the filtering element, dirt gets accumulated on it. Initially when the cartridge element is clean, larger particles get trapped. As the element gets clogged by larger debris with time, finer particles get filtered out with the pores narrowing down.

At pool filters, we strive to provide you a worry and hassle free swimming experience. We offer cutting edge, technologically advanced cartridge pool filters and equipments of leading brands, worldwide. We make every effort to ensure that cartridge pool filter system offered by us operates at maximum efficiency and that too all season long.

Whether you are trying to create the perfect backyard environment at low maintenance cost then pool filters is your single source solution. We offer a wide range of cartridge filters, which are sized to fit most pool sizes.

Since, these filters have a greater surface area than sand; less clogging occurs, which results in low maintenance cost. Cartridge pool filters offered by us are designed to run at lower pressure than sand so that less back pressure is exerted on the pump, allowing more flow and turnover.

Cartridge filters offered by us besides providing excellent water clarity and low maintenance are highly durable and offer value to your hard earned money. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us at Pool Filters and we'll be glad to assist you.