Winterizing Your Pool Made Easier

Winters have finally arrived and in the season of chill and frost, a dip in warm waters of your pool your spa is simply impeccable. But before you head for that, it is important to ensure proper water sanitization. It is a misconception among masses that a pool or a spa doesn’t require regular cleansing during winters. Disease-causing microbes can infect your pool or spa during fall as well.

Water sanitization for winters is not different and one should use the similar chemicals such as chlorine for cleansing and sodium carbonate or sodium bisulphate for adjusting the pH level of the water. Filters are mandatory for any pool or spa and their quality should not be compromised; there are mainly three variants of filters- D.E. filters or Diatomaceous Earth filters, sand filters and Cartridge filters. Out of these filters, cartridge filters are mainly preferred as they are easier to install and maintain. Intex pool filters are popular with various spa and pool owners and are known for the impeccable hygiene they provide.

If you’re planning to shut your pool for the season of winter then it is also important to clean the cartridge thoroughly. Even the best pool filter cartridges require regular backwashing which can be easily done with a garden hose, but before shutting your pool it is important to soak the cartridge in a non-foaming solution and scrub it lightly with a brush.

Pool closed

There are various other things which you need to keep in mind before shutting your pool for a season-

  • The process of shutting down the pool is known as winterizing and for that one needs to ensure there is no algae formation. Intex Type C pool filters can help you prevent the build up of algae and you can also use effective algaecides. To get rid of algae completely, you also need to get rid of phosphate as it provides a breeding ground for algae.
  • Water should also be drained out of pool filters before winterizing the pool.
  • Pool cover is a must and it is important to clean it with a vinyl protector before shutting down your pool.
  • It is also important to increase the pH level of pool and keep it somewhere between 7.2-7.6; this can be easily done using dry acid or soda ash.

For those who are not planning to winterize their pools can go for water heater, kerosene heaters and solar heater are advisable. If your filter has completed a year, then you should replace it too before winterizing your pool. Consider these tips before replacing your pool filter cartridge. One can also glance through various intex pool filter types and can choose from a plethora of variants.