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Your swimming pool offers you various fun and pleasure activities in summers but the winters take you away from the pool fun. However, in winters you need to take a little extra care of your indoor swimming pool, so that you can enjoy its offerings in the next season. Make sure your pool filter is working properly, check its cartridge and do keep replacement filter cartridge handy. In addition to this a few more things are needed to be done while you winterize your indoor swimming pool.

First you need to get winterize chemicals. These chemicals can be purchased from any local pool supply store. The climatic condition varies from border to border; thus, the local store will be the best to understand the weather condition and provide you the chemicals accordingly.

Thereafter, you need to cover the swimming pool cover. Unlike the outdoor swimming pool, your indoor swimming pool does not require special or sturdier covers. It needs a simple cover that will protect the pool from the exposure of dust and debris.

Make sure to check the temperature of the pool after certain intervals of time. The temperature of the swimming pool water should never be below the freezing point. Though, it's an indoor pool, so you need not worry much of the temperature, still you never know when the climate plays a harsh role. If the temperature of the pool water goes below the freezing point, then switch on the pump. The churning of water will maintain the water temperature.

All the above mentioned steps are neither tiring nor take longer time for execution. Thus, you can easily winterize your indoor swimming pool and can enjoy all pleasure activities in the summers.

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