Jacuzzi pool filter cartridge

Jacuzzi Brothers pool filters are  well-known in the world of pool products and accessories. To keep these filters functioning for a long span of time, one needs to maintain them properly. Here we will discuss the importance of backwashing these filters.

When a pool owner thinks of buying a pool filter, he/she must ensure that only quality pool filters products are installed in the pool. This increases the lifespan of the swimming pool and ensures the user that he/she is using reliable and safe products. While buying a swimming pool filter cartridge, the first thing that he/she is told is to backwash the filter cartridges on a regular basis. Almost all pool owners include this task in their regular regime, but only a few of them are aware of the significance of backwashing the filter cartridges.

Jacuzzi pool filter cartridges are known for their high efficiency and durability. However, they might not function for a long span of time if they are not taken care off properly. Read on to know when and how should the filter cartridges be backwashed.

When Should the Jacuzzi Pool Filter Cartridges Be Backwashed?

  • When dirt gets accumulated in the bed of the swimming pool filter, a reduction is caused in the water that is discharged to the pool – this happens because the resistance to flow of water increases. For the water to circulate properly, it is extremely important to have adequate flow of water. When this does not happen, uneven circulation of water takes place and a pressure rise above the indicated clean pressure can be observed in the pressure gauge. As soon as you spot this, make sure you backwash the pool filter.
  • Another time when the filter cartridge must be backwashed is immediately after treating cloudy water or after killing a blooming algae. Chemicals should be added in the pool, only after the cartridge has been backwashed.

How to Backwash Filter Cartridges?

To backwash the filter cartridges, all you need is a garden hose. Carefully take out the cartridge from the filter and rinse off all the dirt from the surface of the cartridge using a garden hose. Make sure you do not exert too much pressure while rinsing off the dirt, else the dirt will get settled inside the cartridge. Make sure you install the cartridge back in the filter only after it dries completely.

What to Do If the Cartridge Does Not Function Efficiently Even After Backwashing?

Taking good care of the filter cartridge can certainly extend a helping hand in increasing the life span of the cartridge, however, it is no hidden fact that a filter cartridge cannot function forever. When the filter cartridge stops working, it must be replaced immediately.

Recommended Product:

Unicel C 7452 is a great replacement for OEM # 42-3799-25, Pleatco # PJC180-M4, Filbur# FC-1494 and Unicel # C-7452. This replacement cartridge is highly efficient and has the ability to handle a top load of 179 sq. ft. The length and width of the filter cartridge is 34 13/16” and 7 13/16” respectively. This pool cartridge filter has a closed top while its bottom comprises of a 4 1/16” open hole.