When you decide to purchase a swimming pool, you may feel the hardest decision is what size of pool you want or whether to get a in ground or above ground pool.  In reality the most important decision is purchasing a good pool liner.  You need to purchase the correct kind of expandable pool liner for your pool choice.  It is a very difficult decision to pick the correct one with so many choices on the market today.

Colorful pools are now the new pool trend, making the concept of just a white or blue pool a thing of the past.  Expandable pool liners today are able to change your entire pools design.  Special liners are designed with underwater scenery, or fish designs that are very attractive.  There are boulder designs that resemble an actual beach with water crashing against boulders on the side.  Themes are becoming more creative and imaginative all the time, so choosing one becomes a fun and time consuming decision.

There are many styles of pool liners.  There is beaded, overlapping and expandable which is probably the most efficient.  Overlap pool liners fit the pool and a extra liner overlaps the sides.  Coping strips are put in place, fastened and to cover the sides of the pool top covers are installed last.  An overlap expandable liner works in the same way, but is for pools having a multiple depth over the length of the pool.  The least expensive pool liner requiring the least amount of work to install or replace is the beaded pool liner.  The most popular and wisest choice for many reasons is the expandable pool liners.

There are protection systems for pool liners that must be purchased and installed before you install the actual liner.  These systems protect your expandable pool liner from stones and other debris that would cause wear and possible tear the pool liner.  These systems also extend the warranty in most cases if purchased at same time.  They will also extend the life span of your expandable pool liner.