Online shopping is one of the most convenient ways to shop today. With a few clicks, customers can buy hot tub filters having the desired specifications. Hot tub owners expect both quality and value from a replacement filter cartridge. Keeping a replacement filter cartridge is always a smart idea. The replacement cartridge can be used when one of the cartridges stop working or it taken out for cleaning.

Having a good reputation and maintaining a high level of quality in each of its products, Unicel proves to be a trustworthy brand of hot tub accessories. Unicel replacement filter cartridges are used in hot tubs as well as in swimming pool filtration systems.


Here are some positive factors that make Unicel an excellent brand of replacement filter cartridges.

High durability of cartridges: Manufactured through a sophisticated process, filter cartridges from Unicel possess a high level of sturdiness and durability. Some pool owners buy cheap pool filter cartridges without considering the quality, just to save money. Doing this will not only put the filtration system of the swimming pool or hot tub at risk, but also will increase the future expenses on the maintenance of spa/pool parts. For long-lasting cartridges, Unicel is an ideal brand.

Quality filter media: The most important part of a replacement cartridge is the filtration media. The filter media in Unicel replacement cartridges is made up of high-quality polyester. This material effectively traps the impurities and keeps the water of the spa/pool clean.

Unicel Cartridges have numerous pleats: The number of pleats is an important parameter while judging the quality of swimming pool cartridge products. The more the number of pleats, the better is the filtration process. Each filter cartridge from Unicel has more than sufficient number of pleats for this purpose.

Unique code for each filter cartridge: Every filter cartridge from Unicel has a unique code. In case you are already using Unicel cartridge and you need a replacement, you can easily shop for that cartridge online using the code. It is thus quite simple to buy pool filter products of this brand.