The lifespan can be significantly increased by proper maintenance but if none of the cleaning methods is sufficient to make it perform to its maximum then immediate replacement should be sought.

Pool filter cartridges come with a fixed lifespan. Most filter cartridge manufacturers will give you an approximate idea of how long you should expect the filter cartridge to last and perform to its maximum capacity. Filter cartridges are expensive and thus replacing them again and again could be an expensive affair for most swimming pool owners. Therefore, it is advisable to clean the filter cartridge regularly. The cleaning of pool filter cartridges is fairly simple. It can be done by a simple backwashing by a garden hosepipe. This removes most of the grime and debris from the cartridge like sand, dust and worms. More stubborn impurities like oils, lotions and hair, which contaminate the water in abundance in swimming pools that experience a large number of swimmers, can be removed with the help of a thorough cleansing. In case there are chemical impurities, they can be cleaned with the help of chemical cleaners. Regular cleaning and cleansing prevents the cartridges form clogging. Clogging prevents the filter cartridge from performing to its maximum potential, this leaving the swimming pool water unclean even after filtration. Clogging also slows down the whole filtration process to quite an extent. Thus, regular cleaning is deemed necessary. Proper cleaning and maintenance increases the lifespan of a filter cartridge significantly, thus relieving pressure from the overall filtration budget.

Nevertheless, after a certain point of time, even regular cleaning and proper maintenance of the cartridge is not enough. In case the cartridge is not being able to clean the water as good as it initially used to, or it is very prone to clogging, then immediate pool cartridge filter replacement must be sought. There is a wide variety of replacement filter cartridges to choose from in the market. The choice of the replacement filter cartridges should be made very wisely. The pool cartridge filter replacement should be such that it suits the size, scale and filtration requirements of your swimming pool. Most importantly, one should always look for durable pool filter replacement, even if that means a few extra bucks initially because it is always more economical in the long run. The replacement of the filter cartridges should be done with the same cartridge if you were satisfied with it or with a better one in case you what extra functionality and performance. You could also go for an inferior cartridge in case you feel the previous filter cartridge was more than what you require for your swimming pool.

Clean, healthy and hygienic water is what every swimming pool owner and its swimmers desire for. That is only possible if there is a good filtration system in place. The filtration system removes all the dirt from the water, leaving it absolutely clean for swimmers to enjoy and get refreshed. But installing a filtration system is not enough. The filter cartridge should be maintained regularly and cleaned properly to keep it working nicely. In case cleaning does not work, then immediate pool filter replacement must be sought for it.