What You Need to Know About Baleen Pool Filter Cartridge Media – The Benefits

If the pump is the heart of your pool system by keeping the water flowing, then the pool filter is the kidneys.  It helps to purify the water and keeps your pool clean and tidy. Without the right filtration system, your pool can quickly turn into a bad zone where illnesses can germinate.

In today’s article you will find all the information about Baleen pool filter cartridge media, the crucial component of a cartridge filter that does the heavy lifting.

The Story of Baleen Pool Filter Cartridge Media

The word “Baleen” pertains to the upper jaw bone found in the baleen whales that frequent the coasts of Greenland. This bone does an ingenious job of filtering food out of water captured by the whale while swimming.  The bone filters small fish, plankton and other marine creatures out of the water for the whales to feed on.

This natural filtration system was studied closely by marine biology researchers from the University of South Australia, who then used it as the basis to develop modern filtration systems for industrial and commercial purposes.

The Baleen pool filter cartridges you use in your filter system mimics this technique to trap dirt, dust, debris and other contaminants from the water.

Baleen Pool Filter Cartridge Media is made from REEMAY

Baleen pool filter cartridges make use of high-quality REEMAY, a densely woven filter media that captures even the smallest particles of dust, dirt, and debris, as well as microscopic contaminants.

Here are the Top Benefits of the REEMAY Filter Media used in Baleen Pool Filter Cartridges:

  • Reliable and consistent performance that ensures your water remains sparkling clean.
  • Higher dirt holding capacity, thereby reducing the number of times you have to clean the cartridges.
  • The unique trilobal shape of the filter media improves the performance of the filters.
  • The higher tensile strength and stiffness of the polyester fabric media ensures that it stands up to high pressure while cleaning.
  • REEMAY is the only pool filter fabric media that uses genuine Microban® protection; keeping your pool water free from harmful microbes. *

Baleen Pool Filter Cartridge Technology – An Overview

Baleen Pool Filter Cartridges provide a non-pressurized separation technique that removes contaminants up to 25 microns without any chemical assistance, and microscopic contaminants up to 3 microns with chemical assistance. Thus, it helps in removing suspended dirt, dust and other debris, as well as organic matter like bacteria, sand, and other fine particles from your pool water.

Baleen Pool Filter Cartridges can also be used as a pre filtration device along with other filtration systems. Very often, Baleen Pool Filter Cartridges are seen as the missing link between coarse screening (particles above 2mm) and micro-filtration (particles below 20 microns).

How Does It Work?

The filter media makes use of low volume sprays and high pressure to dislodge the fine materials caught in the filter media, while another spray sweeps away the collected dirt, dust and contaminants.

This double action process eliminates the most stubborn contaminants from the water like grease, oil and other fibrous matter suspended in the water without blocking the filter cartridges.

As water passes through the filter media, the solids suspended in it are left behind. Before these collected solids block the filter screen, the second water spray transports this contaminant away from the filtration zone, thereby enabling the filtration process to proceed without any disruption.

What Makes REEMAY Filter Media the Best in the Industry?

  • Excellent Cleaning Ability

The REEMAY filter media used in Baleen pool filter cartridges is highly uniform, thereby making it easy to carry out comprehensive cleaning.

  • Efficient Shape

REEMAY filter media is trilobal in shape, with three wings spaced at equal distances from one another. It’s thick and stiff and holds up to repeated cleanings. The filter fabric doesn’t wear out easily, even when subjected to multiple cleanings.

  • More Surface Area for Efficient Cleaning

The trilobal shape of REEMAY filter media means it has a higher surface area when compared to similar products in the market. The surface area is 21 to 40% higher, which helps in capturing suspended particles efficiently, thereby enhancing the cleaning outputs.

  • More Time in Between Cleaning

According to third-party industry results, REEMAY filter media used in Baleen filters have a nearly 81% longer run time compared to other point bond media used in traditional cartridges. This means you can use the Baleen pool filter cartridges for a long time, without the need for frequent cleaning.

  • Usage of Microfibers

To reduce the growth of bacteria in the water, the Baleen pool filter cartridge media makes use of Microban®, an anti-microbial blend that prevents the growth of harmful micro-organisms in the water. This blend plays an effective role in keeping harmful micro-organisms like mold, algae, and bacteria from the pool water or on the cartridge itself.

This helps to extend the lifespan of the filter cartridge while improving the filtration quality of the water.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, Baleen pool filter cartridges make use of the revolutionary REEMAY filter media to enhance the quality of your pool filtration system. Combined with other benefits such as being long-lasting, eco-friendliness, and low operating costs, Baleen pool filter cartridges are one of the best investments you can make for your filtration system.

Even better, Baleen pool filter cartridges are the perfect replacement for all leading brands like Unicel pool filter cartridges replacement, tuff spa replacement cartridges, Pentair pool filter cartridge replacement and more.

With Baleen pool filter cartridges, you are assured of high-quality replacement cartridges, and a clean and healthy pool.