Water bodies are very relaxing. Whether it is the open waters of the sea of big swimming pool in a health club or even a hot tub in your own backyard! But with these luxuries, come responsibilities. Water is also a breeding ground for all kinds of dirt, bacteria and germs. Thus, maintaining the hygiene of the pool and the sanitation levels of the water is very crucial. At the same time, cleaning the entire pool and filtering the water in the right way is crucial too.

Every pool is different and of course has a different specification for filters because of the geography and topography of the region!

Well, most of the times, if your budget prevails then cartridge filters are considered superior for their basic uses and features. Another factor in favor of the cartridge filter is the fact that because it is a very fine filter, you can be rest assured that the water in your pool is very clear and no trace of debris can be found. But this very fact that has also proven to be a disadvantage for some users. If you are in an area where trees shed a lot, then the bigger debris can clog the filter every time. Thus, these filters are better for inner usage and high end pools.

Sand filters, on the other hand have the unique advantage of being functional in an area where a lot of bigger debris can fall in the pool. Install sand filters if you have budget restrictions ad your pool is out in the open! Maintaining and cleaning sand filters is also easy!

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