While choosing a spa filter, make sure you keep in mind a few considerations, so that you choose the best suited product. Read on to know the important factors that must be considered while choosing a spa filter.

Buying a Spa Filter Cartridge

Needless to say, a filter is one of the most important parts of a hot tub. Many spa owners know the importance of installing a spa filter, but fail to choose the right filter for their spa – this is due to lack of product knowledge. One of the best filters that a spa owner can choose is Viking Spas cartridge. These filters are made of excellent quality and deliver top-notch results. Here are a few things that a spa owner must keep in mind before buying a spa filter.

Quality of the Filter
While choosing a filter, a spa owner must always check the quality of the product. The market is loaded with several options, from cheap spa filters to expensive and good quality spa filters. Always ensure that you choose spa filters of high quality, so that they work efficiently for a long span of time, and keep the water of your spa clean. Branded products like Viking Spas filter cartridges are a great choice for spa owners

Size of the Filter
The size of the filter must be chosen in accordance to the size of the spa. If your spa is huge, and you install a filter of small size, it will consume too much energy and the water of the spa will remain dirty. In the same way, if your spa is small, but you install a large spa filter, it will keep the water clean, but will unnecessarily consume extra energy. Thus, a small filter must be chosen for a small spa, and a large filter for a larger spa.

Replaceable Cartridges
When choosing filter cartridges, keep in mind that they will not last forever – they have to be replaced after a certain span of time. To make work easier for yourself, choose cartridges for which you can easily find a replacement. Choosing a replacement filter for a branded product is quite easy.

Recommended Product
When looking for a reliable replacement cartridge, Unicel C 4332 can be a great choice. The technical specifications of this replacement cartridge complies with the specifications of Filbur # FC-1612, Unicel # C-4332, OEM # 17-B1151, and Pleatco # PMT25. This easy to install cartridge’s length is 11 7/8 inch, and its width is 4 15/16 inch. The filter has the capacity of efficiently handling a top load of 25 square foot.