What All You Need Besides the Best Pool Filter Cartridges

Pool owners today must be tired of listening to lectures on maintenance, water quality, and what not, but unfortunately, the lectures haven't worked that well so far. Most of those having swimming pools are still focusing on just enjoying it as far as possible, barely paying attention to its maintenance. Many of them, for instance, go for cheap pool filters whose water cleaning efficiency is less than satisfactory. Using these filters, you will only end up spoiling the quality of water in your pool and spending more money to improve the same.

Experts always recommend high-quality filters for swimming pools, such as Jacuzzi Brothers pool filters. Known for their high standard of quality, these filters are highly effective in ridding the pool water of dust particles, sweat, oil residues and other debris. While the brand offers all kinds of pool filter cartridges happen to be the most popular one as they can be installed without much effort. Furthermore, you will find it quite easy to operate and maintain these filters.

A cylindrical pleated object referred to as cartridge, is the primary component of these filters. The pleats on this cartridge act as a filtering media, trapping all the impurities in pool water. Just like quality filters, you need to choose the best pool filter cartridges so that the filtration system works with a consistent efficiency for several years to come.

Apart from filters and filter cartridges, there are many other products you need to keep your pool in the best condition, such as the following:

Sanitizers: Dirty pool water, if neglected, can act as a medium for the growth of microbes such as bacteria and fungi. Sanitizers disinfect your pool by killing these.

Algaecides: A prominent group of microbes known as algae is often found in dirty swimming pools. Algaecides are used to target this particular group.

Recommended Product:

 Unicel C-9420

Effectively ridding your pool water from impurities, Unicel C 9420 helps you keep it clean and clear. 24 inches long and 9 15/16 inches wide, this replacement cartridge complies with technical specifications Filbur# FC-1498, Pleatco # PJ200-4 and OEM # 42-3540-01-R and is compatible with Atlantic Pool Products, Competition Pool Products, and Cantar products. It has a 5 13/16 inch hole and a 6 1/16 inch hole at the top and bottom respectively.