A swimming pool when not in use, needs to be protected from harsh weather conditions. This can be done by weatherizing the pool.

Swimming pools cannot be used all year and thus they need to be weatherized when not in use. The process involves some simple steps to protect the swimming pool from harsh seasons. Here are the major steps for weatherizing your pool.


  • Use a leaf net to remove debris from the pool. Following this, vacuum the pool and clean the liner above the water level. Use a liner cleaner for this purpose. Carefully read the directions for use, before cleaning.
  • Based on the directions given in the package, mix the winter chemicals in a bucket of water. Carefully pour the chemical mixture into the pool. After mixing chemicals in the pool water, check its pH using strips. The value should fall between 7.2 and 7.6. 100 to 150 parts million is the ideal alkalinity for pool water during winters. Similarly, chlorine levels should be above 3. Allow the chemicals to circulate in the water for up to two hours, by turning on the filter and pump.
  • Disconnect the swimming pool from electricity supply.
  • Drain the water in the pump by unscrewing its drain plug. Remove all fittings and plugs from the pump and keep them safe.
  • Next comes the pool heater. Remove its fittings, drain it and store the fittings carefully.
  • Drain the pipes of the pump. You can use a shop vacuum or air compressor for this purpose. Keep blowing water out of the pipes until you see bubbles coming out of the return jets. Use end cap fittings to seal the pipes. Do the same with the pipes of the skimmer.
  • Cover the screw-in plug with plumber's tape and place it in the skimmer line so that water stays out of the line during winter.
  • All other fittings such as those of slides, lights and waterfall should be disconnected. Blow out the water from all these fittings. Then seal their ends. Keep all connectors in a safe place.
  • For extra protection, you can wrap the plugs and end cap fittings with duct tape.
  • Accessories such as ladder, rope, slide and diving board should be removed from the pool area. It is better to store these inside.

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