There are many owners of swimming pools who are unable to maintain their pools appropriately and this happens because they fail to notice the vital signs and symptoms. For a pool to remain in best condition, it should be noted that its filter has to be maintained properly.

Overall pool maintenance begins with the process of water sanitization and optimum water hygiene can be achieved by using three simple steps-

pool maintenance

  • Adjusting the pH Scale of the Water-

    If the pH of spa water is relatively high, it indicates that the water is alkaline. High alkaline content can harm the vital bodily functions while low pH indicates that the water is acidic – high acidic content can cause damage to the swimmers’ vital organs such as skin and eyes, and can even corrode the parts of the pool. pH scale of water can be adjusted using chemicals like Sodium Bisulphate and Sodium Bicarbonate. Know How to Maintain The Chemical Balance Of Your pool/Spa Water?

  • Cleansing Water-

    Water is often infected by algae which can not only cause infection but can also ruin the look of your pool. Algae can be controlled by using effective algaecides or chemicals such as chlorine. Besides eliminating algae, one should also get rid of phosphate in water as phosphate encourages algae to grow more rapidly.

  • Choosing a filter-

    For optimum water sanitization, it is important to choose an appropriate filter. There are many brands available in the market; Diamante Spa Filters are popular among the customers. All these brands mainly offer three kinds of filters, such as sand filters which are the oldest type of pool filters and clean the water through minute particles of sand and gravel. Sand filters however are not very effective as it has been found that minuscule particles often escape their filtration. D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) filters offer effective cleaning but are difficult and cumbersome to maintain.

In such a case, one can go for cartridge filters as they’re relatively easy to maintain and offer effective cleaning.

Pool maintenance doesn’t end at choosing an appropriate filter but one should also know what signs to look out for-

  • If there is a sudden increase in the filter pressure then that indicates presence of blooming algae.
  • If there is a sudden decrease in the filter pressure then that indicates the clogging of filter or improper plumbing.
  • If there are large bubbles being continuously formed then, that indicates puncture either infiltration or in plumbing.

Apart from filtration, one can also add other pool parts to enhance their swimming experience such as ozonators, jets, water valves etc. Diamante spa parts are usually preferred among the buyers.