Watch Out for Problems Other Than Cartridge Filter Troubles

A swimming pool with dirty water is not very different from a sewer and thus, every pool owner gives special care and attention to its filtration system as well as the circulation system. While the filtration process is taken care of by the pool filters, the pump is responsible for water circulation. The filter traps all impurities in pool water and at the same time, the pump keeps the water in motion so that these impurities do not get settled it.

Clever pool owners never compromise on the quality of pool equipment and thus always go for first-class products such as Harmsco pool filters. While the brand offers three different types of filters, namely cartridge filters, sand filters and DE filters, most pool owners go for cartridge filters mainly because these filters have a simplistic design that makes them easy to install and maintain.

Another advantage of pool filter cartridges is that they do not need to be backwashed too often, unlike other types of filters. Furthermore, the process of backwashing this filter is quite easy – you just have to remove the cartridge from the filtration unit and rinse it with a garden hose. Doing this once in every two weeks would suffice for a quality filter.

A pool filter works continuously and this causes the filter cartridge to gradually lose its ability to trap impurities. After about one year of regular usage, the cartridge is likely to develop cracks and tears. In such situations, pool filter cartridge replacement is the most ideal solution. Replacing the damaged cartridge with a new one of better quality ensures that the filtration process goes on smoothly.

While proper filtration is crucial for  your swimming pool, you should not ignore other troubles that can ruin it. Following are some hassles besides cartridge filter problems, that you need to tackle:

  • Chlorine By-Products in water: Chlorine happens to be one of the most commonly used sanitizers for swimming pools. However, when added in excess, it can form by-products that are hard to get rid of.
  • Damage Due to Harsh Weather: Changes in weather have a significant impact on swimming pools. Storm, for instance, can cause damage to some parts of your pool equipment if ignored. Following are few ways to weatherize your swimming pool