Being one of the crucial parts of the pool maintenance system, the pool pump holds high importance. Its function is to circulate the pool water and sending it to the pool filter where it gets cleaned of all the impurities, algae and other debris. Sometimes pool pumps can be noisy and their placement can make them look unsightly. You can disguise your pool pump with some simple ways. At the same time you will be able to easily access the pump for regular maintenance purposes.

Ways to Hide Your Pool Pump

Here are the measures you can implement to hide your pool pump.

Use Fencing

A fence just like the one in your yard can be helpful in hiding your pool pump. When you use a fencing similar to the one already used, the structure that hides the pump will not look odd. Another alternative is to use decorative fencing. This type of fencing will help to accentuate the colorful flowers or shrubs in the yard. The landscaping in the yard should be complemented by the fencing you choose. For instance, if there are flowers in the yard, you can use a stone wall to hide the pump. Similarly, if you have a desert style yard, you can use a brick fence.

Beautiful Plantings

To hide your pool pump, you can use a living screen. For this purpose, you can grow tall plants and bushes around your pool pump. For additional coverage and for plant support, you can use trellis as well. It is better to choose those plants which do not create a mess, such as vines like honeysuckle or ivy. Avoid those plants that shed a lot of leaves or drop too many small fruits. Fruits like small berries, leaves and other debris will add to your stress in cleaning the area.

Use a Multipurpose Structure

You can create a structure that not only covers the pool pump but also serves as an important part of the landscape. There are many examples for this structure such as a tall bench, a chair, a hanging rack for keeping toys and pool towels, a platform for the plants in containers or pots. For ventilation, you should use metal grates or lattice for the top and bottom portions of the cover.

Recommended Product

For maintenance of swimming pool, both pool pump and pool filter need to function properly. The cartridges of the filter need to be replaced regularly. Unicel 6CH-940 is a suitable replacement cartridge for pool filters. 6 inches wide and 8 1/4 inches long, this cartridge conforms to the technical specifications Filbur FC-0359, OEM 25252 and Pleatco PWW50. Its quality filter media trap the debris in pool water, thus keeping it clean and safe for users.