Vita Spa Filters

It is quite fascinating to see hot water being used in so many ways for invigorating senses and relaxing the body – spas and hot tubs are some of the prominent examples supporting this fact. The experience is, even more, enjoyable with pure hot water, which is why each and every hot tub or spa is equipped with a water filtration unit.

A hot tub filtration unit is basically an assembly of multiple mechanical and electrical components the most important one among which is the filter. This unit works in coordination with the pump in order to keep the water free from impurities such as dust particles, chemical by-products and organic matter. Several spa owners have installed Vita spa filters for this purpose. Their needs, however, can vary – for instance, some families have fewer members when compared to those in others. Hence, these spa filters are available in a number of different models, where each model features a unique placement of pumps. Also, the strength of bubbles produced varies in different models. While some filters generate bubbles that are gentle on the skin of users, some others generate bubbles that are stronger. Another feature that distinguishes these models is the alignment of jets.

Every hot tub or spa filter needs a filter cartridge and Vita spa filters are no different – it is the most important component of the filter that contributes greatly to its efficiency. With prolonged usage however, a cartridge fails the test of time and a high-quality replacement cartridge is required to continue the filtration process. Unicel pool filter cartridge replacement for instance, is an excellent choice. It is recommended to replace the cartridge once in every 12 months. Furthermore, an appropriate maintenance routine comprising of regular backwashing and deep-cleaning needs to be followed in order to ensure that the cartridge stays in best condition.

Recommended Product:

A first-class filter cartridge complying to the technical specifications Pleatco # PTL18P-4, OEM # 20245-238 and Filbur# FC 0121, Unicel 4CH 21 helps to keep spa water clean and clear by effectively trapping all the impurities in it. 8 inches long and 4 5/8 inches wide, this cartridge features a 1 1/2 inch open hole and a molded conical handle at the bottom and top respectively.