Nothing could be a better way to handle the daily grind of a long day than nestling down into your nice, warm, and soothing water of your Viking Spa. The massaging effect of the jets, combined with the therapeutic properties of warm water make you feel empowered to handle the daily stresses of life. Besides healing your body, mind and spirit, you attain a state of peaceful bliss each time you ease into your Viking Spa.

Made using only the best components, Viking spa will provide the therapy and dependability that customers seek as well as demand. However, your Viking spa will offer years of consistent level of performance only if you make efforts to maintain it. Your spa maintenance regime would include replacing the hot tub water every ninety days, cleaning the cartridge filtering element and monitoring other parts to ensure that your hot tub spa offers years of hassle free performance.

Your Viking spa filter cartridge functions to remove all sorts of dirt and impurities from the hot tub water making it fit for subsequent use after every use. Over a period of time your spa filter accumulates dirt and contaminants that should be cleaned off by hosing off with a garden hose. Ignoring regular maintenance of your Viking spa filter would result in its clogging. A clogged filter puts undue pressure on the pump, which in turn might result in its breakdown making it a more expensive affair.

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Even after ensuring regular and proper maintenance, your spa filter is susceptible to get worn out and show deteriorated level of performance. This is when you should consider replacing your spa filter with a compatible one. Replacement filter for your Viking spa is offered by brands such as Pleatco, Filbur and Unicel. Compatible filter offered by this brand not just offer high-end performance but they could also be availed at highly discounted prices.

Additionally, these filters have some special features such as use of superior quality Reemay spunbond polyester in the filtering element, use of anti-microbial protection that make them all the more preferred choice of spa owners. At Pool Filters, we offer wide assortment of pool/spa maintenance products and accessories from reputed and renowned brands. Free shipping of products, excellent customer service, and superior quality products make pool filters a perfect place to be.