Owning a swimming pool is no less than a luxury and it is the duty of the pool owner to take good care of the same. One of the most important tasks is to keep the water of the swimming pool clean. Draining out the water of the pool and then refilling it on a daily basis is certainly a difficult task. One question that many pool owners ask is, “So how do I keep the water clean?” The answer is very simple – all you need to do is install a high quality pool filter and pump. The pump and the filter work together and keep the swimming pool water dirt-free. Here are a few tips that can help you select the right pool filter and pump for your swimming pool.


  • Ensure that you choose branded pool products only. A branded filter and pump will deliver top- notch performance and will work for a long period of time. Sta rite pool filters are a well-known name since 1930's and are trusted by millions of pool owners.
  • Along with the pool filter, you also need to install a high-quality pool pump, so that the pool water is circulated and pushed into the filter where it can be cleaned. Make sure that you choose a pump that can efficiently circulate the swimming pool's water in every six to eight hours.
  • The size of the pool filter and pump must be chosen according to the size of the swimming pool. This will ensure that your filter and pump work in the best possible manner and will also help in saving energy. For example, if you have a huge swimming pool and you install a small pump and filter, firstly, the pump will use more energy to push the water into the filter and secondly, when it reaches the filter, it will take a lot of time to purify the water of the entire pool. Furthermore, if too pressure is put on the pump and the swimming pool filter cartridges, they can wear and tear easily.
  • Choose a pump and filter that can be installed easily. Also, once the cartridges of the filter are used for a long span of time, they need to be replaced. Choose a filter whose replacement filter cartridges can be easily installed.

By keeping in mind the above mentioned tips, you can choose and ideal pool filter and pump for your swimming pool.