The circulation and filtration systems collaborate with each other to keep the water in your hot tub clean and safe and also, prevent it from becoming stagnant. The circulation system is needed for two main purposes. First is to distribute the essential chemicals properly in the water and the second is to keep the debris moving by aerating the water. The filtration system traps the debris and keeps the hot tub water clean and clear. The efficiency of both the circulation and the filtration system relies on the hot tub parts you choose. For your filtration system to work efficiently, you should buy spa filter cartridges from a reputed brand.


Here are some key points you should know.

• The water should keep moving: The filtration system in your hot tub needs to get a continuous water supply. A circulating pump performs that function. It runs continuously, so that the water does not get stagnant. Nowadays, most circulation pumps work on minimum power. Their programmable feature enables the spa owners to control their operation. These are also called centrifugal pumps. Water is drawn by the impeller in to these pumps. The main intention is to keep the water moving, thus a circulation pump is one of the most important parts of a hot tub.

• Cleanliness of the water holds the highest priority: The filtration system is required to keep the water of your hot tub clean and clear. A dirty filter may cause the water to appear dull and cloudy. The cartridges in a spa replacement filter are removable and can be easily cleaned and even replaced when required.

For replacement, QCA spas pool filter cartridges are a good choice. High on efficiency and durability, QCA spas cartridges effectively trap all the impurities present in the water of the spa.

Crafted from fibrous material, filter cartridges tend to get porous with continued use. Regular replacement of these cartridges is essential for the filtration system to function properly. Problems in the filtration system may cause the debris to get trapped in the circulation pump.

It is necessary for a spa owner to have information about the working of a spa pool. This way, he/she will have a better understanding of the problems which might arise. Knowing about the circulation and filtration systems of a hot tub will help you identify and fix the problem immediately.