Swimming is my passion as I think it helps to keep my body in shape. But I stay concerned about the chlorine that is used to treat the pool water. It stinks and creates a lot of nuisance with improper chlorine and pH balance disturbing my pool experience. So, I want to discard the use of chlorine in my pools. Moreover, ammonia present is water reacts with chlorine to form Chloramines. Thus it becomes very annoying to spend time in swimming pools. I heard that filter cartridges of good brands like Doughboy and Waterway can be used to overcome this discrepancy.

If this is true then it will be good to install the cartridge filters before I start using my pool in this season. The Jacuzzi and Pentair pool products have the recognition of being good products for pool safety and so I am planning to install one of these. As the need of fitting such products cannot be avoided so I think it is always wise to get them installed as soon as possible. I have already contacted concerned people for this reason and I believe that this will definitely improve my pool experience this time. The modern day cartridge filters can clog all type of dirt on their surfaces; even 5 micron sized, and so now I need not spend money on buying chlorine as the filters themselves will serve all purposes. I have also learned the tricks of cleaning the cartridge used in filters. However, I am also told that they can be replaced and so it will be an easier thing to do.