The filters that normally have remained in use for the cleaning of swimming pools were based on Sand and Diatomaceous earth. But recently there has been an overhaul in the technology used for pool cleaning. The new form of filter is cartridge based and this largely serves as a good means to get rid of all kind of impurities found in the water used in pools. The response of pool users to the use of this new form of filter has remained very positive as almost every pool user has now started using the cartridge filter.

Swimming pools with contaminants of the level of 100 ppm are ideal for cartridge filters. This filtering system is much applauded for its flawless cleaning ability. The filter has the capacity to hold particles of the size of 5 to 10 microns. It cleanses the water and makes it very pure so that the water becomes safe for the swimmers. This filtering system can be used to hold microbes, minerals and all other form of particles on the surface of the cartridge in use.

Cleaning of the filtering medium is also much easier than the sand and DE type filters. For example, if someone is using a Starite cartridge filter and it gets clogged after some days of use, then the filtering system can be cleaned promptly by flushing it with water and using solutions of muriatic acid and chlorine. This kills all forms of living micro-organisms and releases the impurities from the surface of the filtering medium. The cartridge can then be reused for carrying out filtration processes.