Owning a swimming pool is definitely a big thing as it ensures great returns during summers. In this sweltering summer, finding no option for relaxation, people often turn to water parks for much more relaxation, fun and entertainment. The cool and fresh water of the pool invites you to spend a quality time with your friends and family members. The rejuvenating bath energizes your body and mind . With all the fun and excitement, it is further important to keep up the sanitation of the pool and this is the sole responsibility of the pool owner. Proper maintenance of the pool not only ensures an appealing water ready to dip in but also a hygienic and safe swimming environment featuring good health and well being of all swimmers.

When the question of maintenance comes in, it is of ultimate importance to install some high quality maintenance tools like sanitizers, pool filters and so on. These days, pool filters have readily become an indispensable object of maintenance as a swimming pool without filters are more likely to become contaminated with dirt, debris and other harmful components.

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Out of the many types, Pentair Pool Filter Cartridges is widely used. The basic function of such filtration systems is to trap the harmful dirt, debris and garbage and keep the pool fit for use always. Pentair mainly manufactures three types of pool filters. These include diatomaceous earth, sand and cartridge filters. Let us discuss each of them in detail.

Cartridge Pool Filters: The filtering component in such filtration technique is a cartridge that traps different type of contaminants from the pool. Cleaning is easy as it requires no backwashing which in turn help you to save gallons and gallons of water.

Sand Filters: The pool filters of such category implies a graded bed of sand components to collect the dirt particles. Such filtration methods calls for replacement every 5-7 years and requires backwashing every week to eliminate the deposition of mud, calcium and other dirt particles.

D.E Filters: In these filters, the valves cladded with D.E powder acts to be the filtering medium. They are referred to be the most efficient one as it features the capacity to trap the tiniest object with great ease, thus making the pool water sanitized and crystal clear.

So, buy the Pentair types and ensure a great investment for your wellbeing and safety.