With all those bodies jumping in and out all day long, your swimming pool is sure to become a hotbed of germs and bacteria. Pool filters are essential for providing crystal clear look to your pool as well as preventing pool water from going septic thereby upholding the health of swimmers. Cartridge pool filters are made up of papery substance made of polypropylene or polyethylene and have very tiny pores that prevent the escape of impurities of particle size as small as 15-20 microns.

We at poolfilters.biz offer cartridge pool filter of all leading brands like, Hayward, Unicel, Pleatco, Sta-Rite etc. Cartridge pool filters offered by us help to maintain the pH balance, alkalinity and chlorine levels of swimming ponds by restricting the flow of impurities in to the pool water.

These filters collect dirt and debris via a system of replaceable cartridges which can be easily removed and cleaned. With this pool users can heave a sigh of relief as they can either avoid cleaning of cartridges or in any case put it off for some time.

Cartridge pool filters play a very important role in maintaining the pool hygiene as they are very easy to maintain and clean. The entire cleaning process requires three simple steps, which involves rinsing loose dirt from the pool filter with water followed by overnight soaking of the cartridge in a filter cleaning solution to remove oils or other stubborn dirt particles. Finally, rinse off the cartridge thoroughly with clean fresh water and place it back to the filter tank.

We at www.poolfilters.biz offer cartridge filters that besides having low maintenance have easy installation and are of extremely high quality. Moreover, they can be availed at discounted rates, which make everything more exciting. So, browse through our site to have a glimpse at some of the highest quality cartridge filters and other pool products.