Upgrade to Cartridge Pool Filters and Unicel C 7605 Cartridge

From traditional filters, swimming pool owners have moved on to cartridge filters. This blog explains some major advantages of these filters and cartridges such as Unicel C 7605.

For those who are looking forward to upgrading their pool filtration system, cartridge filters are an apt choice. Swimming pools are not just an area for relaxation during summers, but also a source of fun and entertainment. For your pool to stay in the best condition, you need to focus on its cleaning. While purchasing a pool filter, it is better to choose one that can easily be maintained.

For most pool owners, Pool Filter Cartridges are a preferred option. This is mainly because they have certain user-friendly features, and are based on a more advanced technology when compared to traditional pool filters.

Compared to sand filters and DE filters grids, cartridge filters have a longer life. There are a large number of brands of pool filters as well as filter cartridges. Unicel is a reputed brand of replacement cartridges. For a robust filtration system, both filter and its cartridges need to be of top quality. While considering a pool filter, performance should be given a higher priority than price. Other important factors are size considerations and power consumption. The best filter is the one that consumes minimal power and works efficiently.

Following are some key advantages of using a cartridge filter for your swimming pool:

Ease of Installation

Installation of a cartridge Pool Filters is quick and easy. For sand and DE filters however, installation takes a comparatively longer time. The cartridge can easily be attached to or removed from the filtration unit as per the need.

Simple Process for Cleaning

The way a cartridge filter works is simple and efficient. The cartridge features numerous pleats, which act as filtration media. Dirt, debris, microbes and other impurities get trapped in these pleats. These impurities are removed when you clean the cartridge. For a cartridge to last for a long time, regular cleaning is necessary. In case of any damage, replace the cartridge with a new one. Do the same if the cartridge has been used for a very long time.

The points mentioned above are valid reasons for one to install a cartridge filter in his or her swimming pool. Furthermore, there is no need for back washing in these filters.

Recommended Product

Recommended by experts and used by a large number of pool owners, Unicel C 7605 is a high-quality cartridge for pool filters. Easy to clean and maintain, this cartridge has good filtering media which traps impurities in pool water. 19 5/8 inches long and 7 inches wide, this cartridge conforms to technical specifications Pleatco # PBH50, Filbur# FC-0720 and OEM # 17-B2055. It has injection molded knob handle and cone adapter on top and bottom respectively.