Taking a dip in the cool and sparkling pool waters is a great way to rejuvenate your mind, body and senses during a hot summer afternoon. Not just this, you can spend a leisure evening with friends and family members along the poolside by organizing a poolside party etc. With swimming bodies moving in and out of your pool all across the day, it is susceptible to get contaminated with all sorts of contaminants such as dirt, debris and micro-organisms.

Keeping your pool water clean, hygienic and sanitized is essential for ensuring health and safety of swimmers as dirty pool water can pose health risks to swimmers. Installing superior quality pool maintenance equipment’s such as pool filters, sanitizers, ozonisers etc. is the way to go. Unicel pool filters offer highly effective pool maintenance that allow users to spend more time relaxing and less time maintaining it.


Unicel pool filters are available for three different types i.e. sand, cartridge and D.E. filters. Replacement pool filters from Unicel are available for pool filters of different brand, size and configurations. Have a glimpse at some of the Unicel replacement pool filter cartridge models:-

  • Unicel-C-4349 - This replacement filter cartridge replaces Unicel # 4349, Pleatco # PAE50, Filbur # FC-6310 and OEM # ELE-50 as other specification. This filter cartridge is open on both the ends with 2 1/8 inch holes on either sides and can handle the top load of 50 sqft and is best fit for Advantage Spa. This filter cartridge ensures continuous flow of clean and sanitized water in your spa and swimming pools.
  • Unicel-C-8341- It is a good quality Filter Cartridge that complies Unicel # C-8341, Pleatco # PMA45-2004-R, Filbur # FC-1007 and OEM # C8341. Most appropriate for Master Spas Micro, this filter cartridge has 4 inch hole at both the ends i.e. top as well as bottom and can stand the top load of 40 square foot. This cartridge filter provides complete protection against dust, sand and worms as they are made up of high grade and superior quality of materials.
  • Unicel-8CH-950 - This high performing Replacement filter cartridge matches Unicel # 8CH-950, Pleatco # PBF50-F2S, Filbur # FC-0536 and OEM # 10-1035. With an ability to bear top load of 120 square foot, this 6 inch long and 8 inch wide filter cartridge is perfect fit for Diamante Spas, US Tooling & Spa, and Bullfrog Spas. This replacement filter cartridge provides comprehensive protection from dust, sand and worms while releasing pure water in your spas and pools.

So, if you too are looking for spa/pool filter replacement then Unicel Filters are the way to go.