Unicel cartridge filters offer the latest in pool filter technology. Besides safeguarding your pool water and offering clean, clear and hygienic pool water, these filters' are simple to operate and are low in maintenance. In fact these filters haveset new standards of performance, value and dependability.

When water passes through Unicel filter cartridges, dirt is filtered out at the surface of the cartridge element. Initially, when the element is clean it traps larger particles, as the pores of the element become clogged with larger debris, finer particles gets filtered out. In fact, these filters are capable of filtering particles as small as 15-20 microns.

We at poolfilters.biz stock filter cartridges from Unicel for all pool and spa filters. We also stock the full line of Haywards and Pentair System. Unicel pool filter cartridges offered by us use pleats made up of polyester that traps the impurities easily and any other annoying material.

These filters make the filtration process stronger and offer better filter capacity. In fact, these filters are commonly and very widely used by pool owners to keep the swimming pool neat and clean. Unicel filters can be very easily installed in any pool even by a layman and that too without any expert advice. In fact, these filters effectively remove all sorts of dirt and other impurities from your swimming pool.

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