When you owe a backyard swimming pool, many people apart from your own family members visit you to take a dip and enjoy the cool and refreshing water of your pool. When they feel refreshed and rejuvenated, they appreciate you for your efforts of maintaining your pool in such an efficient way. But what if things go exactly vice-versa? What if an algae comes floating around the swimmers, or some leaves and debris floats along?

As a pool owner, your primary responsibility is to ensure proper pool upkeep and maintenance. Installing high quality pool filter and other pool maintenance products, ensures that your pool receives persistent flow of sanitized water. Pool filter cartridges from Unicel are a great way to keep your pool clean.


These filters are designed using the most recent technology. Besides having superior quality polyester filtration media that allows longer filter life and crystal clear water, these filters also have anti-microbial protection that inhibits the growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms. Moreover, Unicel filters also feature sharp pleat folds that allow optimum flow of water along with easy cleaning of the filtering element.

After an optimal filtering point, even the best filters start getting depleted. Before your filter starts showing signs of leakage and rupture, you need to replace your filter immediately failing which would result in contaminated and dirty pool water. However, with Unicel filters in place, the greatest benefit that you get is ease of replacement. Filters of this brand usually come with a standard series number that make the process of replacement hassle free.

We at Pool Filters offer cartridge filters and other filters from leading brands such as Hayward, Pentair, Unicel, and more. We offer warranty on all our products, which in turn is a confirmation of their durability. Our high quality products along with affordable pricing make us one stop shop for pool owners.