While clean, clear and sparkling pool water is fascinating and inviting, a dirt and swampy pool can mar all the fun and enjoyment. Good quality pool maintenance equipment such as pool filters, robotic cleaners, etc. can help in creating a clean water environment for safe and hygienic swimming experience. Pool filters from Unicel can take filtering quality a long way ahead.

So, what makes Unicel filter cartridges most preferable? It is indeed the presence of unique synthetic filter fibre media designed specifically for pool and spa market. This particular feature increases the dirt holding capacity, resistance to chemicals while promoting superior cleaning ability.


Unicel uses Reemay brand media that was first adopted in the pool industry three decades ago by it and has become a standard these days. Besides this the sharp uniform pleat folds maximizes flow of water, minimizes pressure, increase spacing between pleats, and allow full use of pleat surface.

The end cap is designed to meet OEM specifications, and is made up of durable chemical resistant compounds. The filter core is backbone of quality filtering element and ensures structural integrity of the system. The pleat support bands maintain proper spacing between pleats that reduce pleat flutter, and improve optimal filtration efficiency. In other words, Unicel provides superior quality cartridge for clean and sanitized pool water.

Offering performance, durability, and affordability, these filters are known for their versatility. Besides this, these filters offer great ease in replacement as they come with standard series number, which can aid in finding the right replacement cartridge for your filter.

We at Pool Filters offer wide range of pool and spa maintenance products and equipment’s. We offer products of leading brands such as Hayward, Pentair, Sta-rite and more. Besides being of superior quality, our products come with warranty which confirms their durability. We offer quick and free shipping on all our products.

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