As a pool owner, your utmost responsibility is to keep your pool clean and sanitized in order to provide swimmers with a safe and hygienic environment. A dirty and unkempt pool can become breeding ground for germs and infections and can thus pose health risks to swimmers. In order to maintain a hygienic pool environment, it becomes absolutely important to install high-performance and superior quality pool maintenance equipment's such as pool filters, sanitizers, ozonizers and more.

Amongst all the aforementioned equipment's, pool filters are considered to be the most significant ones as they act as the first line of defence against all sorts of contaminants from larger debris to the minutest of impurities. Generally, three main type of pool filters are available in the market. However, pool owners have the option to choose one as per their individual pool requirement.


Though all three types of filters have their set of benefits and drawbacks, Pool Filter Cartridges due to the use of advanced technology and superior quality materials have become the preferred choice of pool owners. Besides offering great performance, these filters are simple to install and easy to operate. Additionally, they have low cost of maintenance and are highly affordable as well.

In order to make the most of your cartridge filter, regular upkeep and maintenance is required, which can be ensured by cleaning the filter with the help of a garden hose or soaking it overnight in a cleansing solution in order to get rid of obstinate contaminants such as oil, grime etc. that cannot be removed simply by rinsing with water.

One thing that you ought to remember is that even after ensuring regular and proper filter maintenance, it is susceptible to some or the other sort of wear and tear. A worn out, clogged or dirty filter puts undue pressure on the pool pump resulting in reduced flow of water. Replacing your filter cartridge with a compatible filter.

Unicel c 8417 Pool Filter Cartridges are made up of finest quality materials  to meet or exceed OEM filters. This compatible replacement offers best fit for Hayward C-1750, Hayward CX1750-RE, Sta-Rite 25230-0175S, Waterway Plastics 817-0175P etc. and offer performance at par or at times better than their original counterparts that too at highly affordable prices.