Unicel C 8380 Replacement Filter Cartridge for Keeping Your Pool/ Spas Maintained All Year Long

replacement filter cartridgesPool filters are indispensible aspect of pool upkeep and maintenance. They are responsible for maintaining pool water hygiene and sanitization by removing all sorts of dirt, debris and contaminants from it. In order to ensure years of hassle free performance from your pool filter, it should be properly maintained. Regular cleaning of your filter would not just enhance its performance but would also augment its longevity.

Even after ensuring regular maintenance, your pool filter is susceptible to some or the other sort of wear and tear. This would either require repair or replacement. Replacement is anytime a better alternative as your filter would show similar level of performance as it used to before replacement. In a pool filter cartridge, it is the cartridge filtering element that requires replacement. One such compatible filter cartridge is Unicel C-8380 Replacement filter cartridge.

This Replacement filter cartridge replaces Unicel # C-8380 and Filbur # FC-2810 and meets the OEM # 6540-401specifications. It has 2 ½ inch hole at the bottom and 2 inch at the top. It can ably handle top load of 80 square foot and is best fit for Sundance Spas and pools. Consequently, you get crystal clear and sanitized water for your pools and spas. Offering simple installation, these filters are made up of superior quality materials thereby offering high-end performance at highly affordable prices

We at PoolFilters are a reputed name in the pool/ spa maintenance industry. We offer replacement filters along with other maintenance accessories from reputed and leading brands. Replacement filter cartridges offered by us meet OEM specifications and offer performance at par or at times even better than the original ones. Besides offering superior quality products at discounted prices, our products come with warranty, which in itself is a confirmation of their durability.