Many pool owners know that along with the hot tub, it is important to install a spa filter, but not all are aware of how the spa filter cartridges must be cleaned and when should they be replaced? This lack of information might leave the water of the spa dirty, which is certainly unfit for taking a dip. If you are a spa owner, make sure you read on to know everything about your spa filter.

Replace Spa Filter

How Do I Identify the Spa Filter?
The filter cartridge is in the shape of a cylinder and consists of plastic caps on both the sides. The material found in between is pleated and white in color. This material traps all the impurities that are present in the water of the spa. Also, since this material traps all the dirt of the water, it prevents the spa pump and the spa parts from getting clogged with dirt. Installing a quality spa filter cartridge means that the spa and its parts will work efficiently for a long time.

How Do I Clean the Filter Cartridges?
Since the cartridges trap all the dirt present in the water of the spa, it is extremely important to clean them from time to time, else they will get clogged. One of the easiest way to clean the cartridges is by using a garden hose. Make sure you do not put too much pressure while cleaning the cartridge, else the dirt will further get settled into the cartridge. If more stubborn dirt is found on the cartridges, it is best to soak them overnight in a cleaning solution. Diamante spa filters are well-known for their easy maintenance and installation.

When and How to Replace the Spa Filter Cartridges?
If the water of your spa seems to be dirty even after you have cleaned the filter cartridges, you must consider replacing the cartridges. Always follow the owner's manual while replacing the filter cartridge. One thing that must be kept in mind is to switch off the main power before starting the replacement process. Also, if you find any cracks in the filter at the time of replacing the cartridges, make sure you replace the filter too. Furthermore, once you have installed the new filter cartridge, run the filter on 'high', so that any in case any air enters the filter, it gets released. If you do not do this, your hot tub might shut down completely.

It is always a great choice to install Diamante spa parts as they are reliable, work efficiently for a long time and are easily replaceable.