Atlantic Pool Filter Products

Maintenance of a swimming pool involves a number of processes among which water filtration and circulation are most important. Both these processes need quality pool filter products. Some details about pool filtration have been explained in the following blog.

Besides chemical treatment, water filtration also is a necessary routine for maintaining swimming pools. It helps in the removal of impurities from pool water. Pool filtration coordinates with circulation process to keep pool water clean and clear.

Filtration process mainly depends on two parts of pool equipment namely pool filter and re-circulation pump. For efficient circulation and filtration, a pool owner needs to choose good-quality equipment such as Atlantic pool products.

Role of Pool Pump

Pool pump is responsible for water circulation in a swimming pool. It creates a suction which pulls water from swimming pool. Water goes to the pump after passing through skimmer. Then it goes through other hydraulic parts and finally reaches the filtration unit.

Role of Pool Filter

The function of pool filter is to trap debris in pool water and send clean water back to the pool. Duration of filtration depends on many factors. Following are the major ones:

  • Area of filter
  • Power capacity of pump
  • Quantity of water
  • Amount of dirt, debris and other impurities in pool water

It is important for a pool owner  to keep above mentioned factors in mind and choose quality pool filter products accordingly. For maintaining a consistent cleanliness and clarity in pool water, it is also necessary to re-circulate it two to four times in a day. This process is taken care of by re-circulation pump.

Requirements for Efficient Pool Filtration

There are certain requirements for a pool filtration system to work efficiently. Major ones are as follows:

  • The pump needs to work at a uniform speed. Regular servicing of pump also is important.
  • Clean and backwash your filter periodically. The amount of dirt in your pool determines how often you should clean your pool filter.
  • Filter cartridge needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. While cleaning the cartridge, check it for cracks. If it is damaged, replace it with a new one.

Installing a first-class pool filter is  the most important step in pool maintenance. It is always better to choose a reputed brand of pool products for this purpose. Pool Filters in Canada conform to high standards of quality.

Recommended Product

A pool filter cartridge that is damaged or too old needs to replaced with a new one. Unicel C-5615 is an excellent  replacement cartridge. Conforming to technical specifications Filbur# FC-1415 and OEM# 42-2782-00, this cartridge features quality filter media which effectively trap the impurities in pool water. 13 3/16 inch long and 5 inches wide, this cartridge features 2 3/8 inch holes on top and bottom.