There is always more than what meets the eye, especially in case of swimming pool. Just a glance at clean and clear water can convince you that your pool is free from all impurities, but that may not always be true. A chemical imbalance in the pool water will gradually degrade its quality and you won't even have a clue about it. A change in pH or alkalinity of pool water is not visible to the eye and can result in severe consequences if neglected. While overly acidic water can corrode your pool equipment as well as the skin of swimmers, overly alkaline water can hinder some vital body functions of swimmers. However, before starting to deal with chemical troubles in your pool water, you need to tackle the visible problems such as green water first.

Green Pool Water

Pool owners, both new and experienced, need to take the green water problem seriously. It is usually caused by a microbe called algae. Capable of growing quickly in warm water, algae not only ruins the appearance of your pool but also spreads infections among swimmers. Unfortunately, your swimming pool cleaning equipment alone cannot eliminate them. You can implement the following methods to kill them:

Use Algaecides


Algaecide is a chemical used specifically for Killing the Algae in Pool Water. It can easily be added to pool water, just like any other sanitizer.

Go for Chlorine Shock Treatment

Chlorine Shock Treatment

Shock treatment here does not mean passing an electric current through pool water. Instead, a sanitizer such as chlorine is suddenly added to the pool water in excess. This causes a rapid oxidizing reaction that kills the algae in pool water.
Sometimes, your pool water can be cloudy instead of green. In that case, you need to go for toss n'go filtration.

Recommended Product:

AquaChek Yellow - Free Chlorine

Testing your pool water becomes a lot easier and much more accurate with AquaChek Yellow - Free Chlorine strip. Hardly a few seconds are required for the test, that is dipping the strip in water for a second, removing it immediately and waiting for results. It is recommended to use this strip at least twice in a week.