Be it a swimming pool or a spa, it needs proper care and attention to stay in good condition. Some measures to troubleshoot Sundance spas and Sundance spa filters, have been explained in the following blog.

Sundance Spa Filters

Even when you use high-quality spa equipment, some adverse factors can spoil the fun of a spa. Despite the use of first-class products such as sundance spa filter replacement, your hot tub may face certain troubles.

Some common problems with Sundance spas and ways to troubleshoot them have been explained below:

Problems with Spa Heater

Following are some common troubles with heater in Sundance spas:

  • Heater Not Working at All:  If this is the case with your spa heater, first check the thermostat. Make sure that it is turned all the way up and indicator light works properly. Sometimes, abnormal pressure level can prevent heater from turning on. To avoid this, thoroughly clean your Sundance spas filters. This way the pressure level will stay normal and heater will work properly. An inefficient spa pump too can interfere with the functionality of spa heater. Make sure that water flows from spa jets at a consistent rate. If not, check your pump for air leaks. If your spa filter and pump are in good condition and heater is still not working, look for a red reset button on heater element and press it. If spa water still does not get heated, your heater element might be damaged. Get the element tested and repaired by professionals. Then reinsert it carefully so that it does not come in contact with the walls of heat chamber.
  • Smelly, Dirty or Oily Water in Spa: Whether the spa has been used continuously for 30 hours or used once everyday for 3 months, spa water needs to be drained in both cases. Water management is a lot easier with regular replacement. Dirty, oily or smelly water is not the sign of a well-maintained spa. This normally happens when spa filter does not work efficiently. Check the position of filter cartridge. If it is too dirty clean it with a Pool and Spa filter cleaning solution. If the cartridge has any cracks or tears replace it. Freedom Spas Replacement Pool Filter Cartridges are apt for this purpose.
  • Faults in Lighting: Owing to certain factors, spa lighting sometimes does not work. In this case, check if the circuit breaker is turned on. Bring it to OFF position and then back to ON. If lighting still does not work, reset the electrical outlet connected to your spa.