Master Spas

Owning a spa and a swimming pool is a luxury, but to make the most of this luxury, it is very important to care for the spa or pool and all its accessories. However, a machine can stop working anytime or any various issues might get pop up during its functioning, but every problem has a solution. If you own a Master Spa and are facing any issues with the functioning of your spa or its parts, here is a quick guide on how you can bring those problems to end, that too without the help of a professional assistant.

Problem 1: If you are experiencing chlorine odor or bromine odor,. The first thing you should do is check your Master spas filter cartridges. If your filter is working fine, there is a possibility that there has been an excessive level of bromine or chlorine shock treatment. Another factor that can give rise to this problem is low pH. To end this problem, you can simply shock the water of the pool or the spa with non-chlorine. If problem persists, adjust the pH.

Master Spas

Problem 2: The problem of cloudy water may arise if your Master spas filter is dirty. A dirty spa will not clean the water the efficiently and may result in cloudy water. Also, this problem may arise if the water chemistry is not balanced, organic materials and suspended particles are present and even if the water is too old. To eliminate this problem, cleaning the filter is the first thing that should be done. If your filter cartridges have been used for too long, consider using Master Spas replacement cartridges and adjust the filtration. If problem still persists, change the water of the spa and make an adjustment in the chemistry level.

Problem 3: Master Spas pool filters purify the spa and pool water in the best possible manner and leave the water smelling good. However, if you experience water odor, there may be a few reasons for the same. Low sanitizer level, out of range pH and growth of algae or bacteria can be some of the factors giving rise to odor. To get rid of this problem, perform shock treatment with non-chlorine, adjust the level of sanitizer or adjust the pH level.

Problem 4: When we take a dip in the spa, oils extract from our body and gets mixed with the spa water. Also, we use soaps and lotions and together this can result in foaming. Adding a small amount of defoamer is a simple solution to is problem.

One of the best qualities of Master spas pool filters is that they are easy to maintain and clean. In times of trouble, you can handle them efficiently, without the help of a professional.