Topmost Concerns for Hot Tub Owners

Having installed your first hot tub or spa, you must be feeling great, but you are quite likely to get confused about where to start. Taking a dip in the warm water of the hot tub to relax your muscles is just one aspect and you have many others to worry about, such as:

  • The chemicals needed to keep the water in your hot tub clean and clear
  • Weekly additions to the spa water
  • Maintenance routine for the pool and spa filter, repair as well as spa filter replacement if necessary
  • Regular cleaning and timely replacement of spa cover

The above-mentioned concerns can really be a headache if you fail to take care of them. Maintaining your spa can be quite simple if you follow some basic instructions and keep certain accessories and chemicals handy. Any item you need for your spa, can be purchased from online stores – you will also find a wide range of spa replacement parts on these stores.
You can check out products from a multitude of brands on online stores – it is however, necessary that you choose a superior one among these brands. For instance, Dynasty spa filters & hot tub parts have a high demand these days owing to their robustness and durability.

Once you have all the right products, you can begin your spa maintenance routine keeping the following considerations in mind:

Pay Special Attention to Water Filtration and Circulation:
Needless to say, you spa will look more like small gutter if it has dirty water in it. Furthermore, if you, your friends or family members take regular dips in it while it has contaminated water, they will be at the risk of infections. The filtration process thus needs to go on in an without interruption for its water to be safe for the users. Circulation system is responsible for maintaining a uniform flow of water in the spa. It works in coordination with the filtration system.

Maintain the Right Chemical Balance:
Water in your spa needs to have an optimal pH and a reasonable level of alkalinity. While overly acidic water can harm the skin of spa users and corrode spa equipment, overly alkaline water can hinder some of the vital body functions. You can use chemicals such as sodium carbonate and hydrochloric acid to adjust the pH and alkalinity of spa water.