Cartridge Pool Filters

Your newly installed swimming pool is your priceless possession and you are willing to take proper care of it? A huge variety of pool maintenance products are available in the market and every pool owner should be aware of the products that they buy. Also, when you buy pool filter products, make sure that you choose a high quality product that lasts for a long period of time. Here are some of the pool maintenance products that you must own.

Pool Brush: Apart from keeping the water of the pool clean, it is also important to keep the pool clean. A pool brush is one of the maintenance equipment that contributes in keeping the pool clean. The pool brush is used to clean the sides and floor of the swimming pool. By brushing your pool, you can prevent algae from growing, keep the floor clean from dirt and in return extend the life of your swimming pool.

Pool Filters: Installing quality pool filters products is essential to keep the water of the swimming pool free of all impurities. The cartridge of pool filters trap all the impurities, whether big or small, present in the water. A pool owner should ensure that he/she takes care of the filter cartridges and cleans the on a regular basis. Also, when the filter stops functioning efficiently, you can simply opt for a quality replacement filter cartridge and enjoy uninterrupted services.

Pool Pumps: A pool pump is another essential pool product. The pool pump compels the water to flow through the pool filter, and only then does the water get purified.

Leaf Skimmer: A leaf skimmer resembles a net that is tied on a rod. This product can be used to remove dirt, leaves, dead bugs, soap pieces, hair strands and much more from the swimming pool water. This makes cleaning the pool an easy process as you can immediately pick out any dirt that you see in the pool water.

Pool Heater: A pool heater is required for people living in cold regions, where there is little or no exposure to sunlight. You can choose from among natural gas heaters, solar heaters and heat pump heaters.

Pool Chemicals: Pool chemicals kill bacteria, algae and various other organic compounds that are present in the pool water and keep the water crystal clear.