Top 5 Swimming Pools and What Makes Them Best

With summers approaching, almost all of us start to crave for a refreshing dip in our swimming pools. One of the best luxuries one can have, a swimming pool not only serves as a means for enjoyment but also offers a multitude of health benefits, burning of excess calories to begin with. There are many who go for regular swims instead of sticking to an ordinary workout routine and still manage to stay fit and fine.

Mention of pools raises a few obvious questions – the first one among those is “How to maintain my pool?” While you can go deep into the technicalities of pool maintenance right from the beginning itself, the first step recommended by experts is “watch and learn”. We all have our icons of fitness, business tactics, music, writing and what not – we observe these icons, figure out what they have and we don't, try to develop the same and make attempts to accomplish our goals just like they do. Of course, it's not an easy ride yet here we are trying repeatedly with all our might until we get what we want. Likewise, you need to see some iconic examples in order to know what all it takes to keep your swimming pool pristine for several years to come.

Mentioned below are some of the most popular swimming pools in the world:

Infinity Pool, Singapore

Occupying 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore, this pool offers mesmerizing views of the Marina Bay financial district. Cleanliness and clarity of water in this pool is taken care of by world-class pool filters and first-rate pumps.

Belmond Jimbaran Puri Resort Pool, Bali, Indonesia

Belmond Jimbaran Puri Resort Pool

The classy and well-maintained swimming pool at Belmond Jimbaran Resort in Indonesia is another iconic example for pool owners to learn from. Its marvelous look instills the desire to have an equally luxurious and appealing swimming pool.

Velassaru Resort Pool, Maldives

Velassaru Resort Pool

One of the major attractions in the lavish Vellasaru Resort in Maldives, this pool ensures an amazingly pleasurable swimming experience.

Rooftop Pool at the Standard Downtown Hotel, Los Angeles

Rooftop Pool at the Standard Downtown Hotel

Located at the rooftop of the Standard Downtown Hotel in Los Angeles, this pool is attractive in look and at the same time pleasing for those taking a dip in it.

Skye Hotel Pool, Sao Paulo:

The list of luxurious pools is clearly incomplete without the one at Skye Hotel in Sao Paulo. With regular pool filter cartridge replacement, the authorities responsible for this pool make sure it is safe for swimmers.

You will find one thing common in all of the above-mentioned pools – each of these have a first-class filtration system governed by cartridge filters, DE pool filter grids or sand filters of highly reputed brands, and thus have crystal clear water all the time.