Tips to Prepare for an Exciting Pool Party

A swimming pool situated in the backyard of your home is impeccable for your everyday relaxation and rejuvenation, but people often find preparing for pool parties difficult, but just with regular maintenance and installation of some accessories and furniture you can plan an enthralling pool party within minutes.

To begin with, it is necessary to keep your pool squeaky clean because welcoming your guests with an unclean pool will definitely turn out to be embarrassing. Start with the tiles of your pool; they often have tough hard-water stains and may even be greased with algae and hence it is necessary to begin scrubbing. Specialized chemicals are available in the market for regular maintenance, but for thorough cleaning, customers should for glass bead blasting. It involves cleaning the pool with a smooth stream of glass beads and leaves your pool surface shimmering without any scratches.

For water sanitization, keep the pH scale well-balanced beforehand. Also, chlorinate your pool in advance and in case of algae, use effective algaecides and quality pool filter products to get rid of phosphate as it not only makes your water hard but also encourages breeding of algae. If you are planning a weekend-getaway with few of your cool friends, then it is advisable to clean the filter cartridge before sending out invitations.

Pool filter cartridges can be backwashed, scrubbed, and acid-washed. Each procedure is easy to carry out and differs in the level of cleansing. Backwashing your pool filter cartridges gets rid of the basic contaminants like dust but for a more effective cleaning, you need to soak it in a non-foaming solution and scrub it lightly with a brush. Acid-washing is advisable if your cartridge has a coating of algae or calcium carbonate. You can soak your cartridge in a solution comprising of 20 parts of water and one part of muriatric acid, but remember to completely clean the cartridge with degreaser first.

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Even the best pool filter cartridges need replacement on yearly basis, and if you notice continuous decrease in filter pressure, brown or greenish color on the surface, or broken pleats then you should immediately go for replacement. All cleaning methods and maintenance routines do not necessarily guarantee a longer lifespan, but definitely ensure optimum hygiene.

Now cartridge filters, replacement cartridges and other pool accessories are easily available on online stores and one can go for Doughboy filter cartridges while considering replacement. Before planning a pool party, you definitely require landscaping and it is best to adorn the surroundings of your pool with lots of greenery as it never goes out of fashion. Go for installations such as fountains for accentuating the look. Also, hammocks are popular as they give your pool the aesthetic beach look.

If the cleaning task is done now it's time to let the party begin. Presenting you various Plan a Fun-filled Pool Party for Your Kids.