Keeping your pool clean is essential for cleaner and fresher water and to prevent any health hazard. Filters are a great way to keep your pool clean. The most essential part of a filter is its cartridge. The more efficient the cartridge is, the better the filter works. However, cartridges have a fixed health and life and have to be replaced after a certain period. But replacing cartridges could be a costly affair, because they usually do not come cheap. In fact they are fairly priced. Hence, the best way to minimize that cost is to make those cartridges and your filters to last longer. We’re offering some tips to help you do that.

Swimming Pool


Indicators are a good way to tell you when to change a cartridge. The most common type of indicator is the pressure indicator. It is placed at the outer surface of the filter casing. The pressure gauge on the filter specifies the optimum pressure for the pool. Always buy filters that have the capability to go way over that pressure.


Regular cleaning of the filter cartridge will make sure that it lasts longer. Make sure to clean the cartridge regularly. Also check the pressure indicated on the cartridge from time to time. When the pressure reaches a value between 7-10 psi, you should clean the cartridge again.

Avoiding Damage

Using hard or stiff brushes, etc. to clean the cartridge is not recommended because this might harm the sensitive device. Use a normal garden hose pipe, preferably with a nozzle, to clean the cartridges.

Using a Set of Two Cartridges

Using two cartridges alternatively instead of just one increases the longevity of both cartridges. Change the cartridge to the second one as soon as it gets dirty. This will ensure high performance.


The water in the pool should be balanced. Unbalanced water can cause damage to the cartridge.
The cartridges of any pool filter must be kept in a clean and healthy condition to ensure the cleanliness and health of the swimming pool.