Tips To Having A Sparkling Swimming Pool
Everyone enjoys a dip in the pool but the Pool Filters owner needs to maintain it very well. Pools or any water body is a breeding ground for al water born diseases and bacteria! Thus, cleaning your pool and maintain the levels of hygiene and sanitation is critical.
The pool has its own problem - right from murky looking water, algae formation, slippery floor due to sedimentation, collection of surface debris, particles (if it is an outside pool) etc. Maintaining pH levels, chemical balance, installing the proper filtration system, sanitation levels etc. is very important.


>> First and foremost is the daily cleaning of the pool. Just grab a net and clear out all surface debris before it goes out of hand! Bird droppings, leaves, sand particles etc. can easily be removed via the net
>> For the weekly checklist, it is essential that you check the chemical balance by checking the pH levels of the water. The ideal level is around 7.2-7.5. Let it be towards alkaline because chlorine works best with these levels. Another weekly check should be the chlorine levels. Chlorine should be on the stronger side so as to prevent bacteria or any other growth including algae. The ideal is around 1 ppm. It is also essential to ensure that chlorine is not over powering/strong because it is bad for the skin!
>> If you see any cloudiness in the water any time, just add some clarifier!
>> Make sure your filter is running and also ensure that it is cleaned frequently
>> As and when required, you can resort to the shock treatment (shock is a strong chlorine that gets rid of algae etc.)

If you follow the basic maintenance tips on a regular basis, the chances of unclean and dirty water are rare!