The maintenance of a swimming pool is vital to enjoy a splash into clear water. It is the duty of the pool owner to ensure that the water of the swimming pool remains free of impurities. One of the best ways to keep the swimming pool water crystal clear is by installing a high quality filter. Vita Spa filters is a renowned name in the market when we talk about pool filter and accessories. Let us have a look at some of the ways by which you can maintain your swimming pool in the best possible manner.

maintenance of swimming pool

Keep a check on the water balance: Make sure that you keep a check on the pH level, chlorine level and alkalinity of the pool water. It is very important to keep a check on the water balance and ensure that the water level is always ideal. Also, is it advised to shock the pool on a weekly basis, so that the water remains crystal clear.

Clean the filter cartridges: A filter cartridge traps all the impurities present in the water of the pool and keeps the pool water clean. Even the tiny impurities that cannot be seen by the naked eye are trapped by these cartridges. All the dirt that gets captured, accumulates in the filter cartridge. Thus, it is important to clean the cartridges from time to time. If the cartridges are not cleaned, they will not be able to trap to the other impurities present in the pool water. To clean the cartridges, conduct a backwashing session once in every month and a deep cleaning session once in every two to three months.

Replacing the cartridges: If you feel that even after cleaning the filters, the water of your pool is dirty, you should opt for spa replacement filter cartridges. Make sure you note down the specifications of the original cartridges so that finding a replacement cartridge becomes easy.
Make sure algae does not grow: If the chlorine level of your pool dips below 1.0 ppm, algae might start growing in the pool. To prevent algae from growing, add anti-algae agents as soon as the chlorine level dips below 1.0 ppm.

By keeping the above mentioned tips in mind, you can take good care of your swimming pool.