Filtration and sanitation are necessary processes for every spa. Following blog gives some useful tips to make these routines better, with the help of Artesian Spa filters.

Artesian Spa filtersWhen you own a spa, you need to know the importance of efficient spa water filtration and maintenance of chemical balance in your spa water. Your spa is an important luxury and thus needs proper care and attention, so that your spa water stays clean, clear and safe for users.

Measures taken to care for a spa are slightly different from those for a swimming pool. Following section gives some useful tips for maintaining your spa:

Water Filtration in a Spa
A circulation pump forces water through spa filter so that bather wastes, microbes and other contaminants can be removed from spa water. Swimming pools involve a similar process. Most spas today use cartridge filters. It is always recommended to use high-quality equipment for spa water filtration such as Artesian Spa filters.

Cartridge of your spa filter needs to be removed and hosed thoroughly once in every two to four weeks.  If a cartridge has been used for a long time or if it is damaged, it needs to be replaced with a new one. Quality of cartridge too is an important factor for spa filtration. This is why a large number of spa owners choose Artesian Spa replacement cartridge filters.
Here are some essential tips to follow while using filter cartridges:

  • Choose a cartridge in which the pleats have a large surface area.
  • Clean the cartridge thoroughly with a filter cleaning solution once in every 3 to 6 months.

Sanitation of a Spa
Following are some steps for efficient spa sanitation:

  • Add ozonators to increase the efficiency of your sanitizer.
  • Every time your spa is used heavily, give it a shock treatment.
  • Test your spa water regularly to check pH, total alkalinity and sanitizer levels.
  • Clean hidden areas of spa to remove the bio-film.

Recommended Product
Unicel 6CH-26 is an excellent replacement cartridge for spa filters. 7 inches long and 6 inches wide, this cartridge features high-quality filter media. Conforming to technical specifications, Pleatco #PTL25W-SV-P-4, Filbur #FC-0310 and OEM #6CH26, this cartridge has a semi-circular handle and 1.5 inch MPT at top and bottom respectively. It effectively removes dust and other impurities from spa water.