Many pool owners make the mistake of not installing a pool filter along with their swimming pool. This often results in green or dark pool water. This water is extremely unfit for swimming and can be a major cause for skin diseases. The best way to keep the water of your swimming pool crystal clear is by installing a pool filter. If you cannot invest too much immediately into the cartridges, for the time being you can buy cheap pool filters cartridges so that the water of your pool remains free of impurities. Later, you can buy a quality pool filter like Jacuzzi brothers pool filters or invest in Jacuzzi Leisure pool filter products.

If you observe green or dark water in your pool, there is nothing to worry about it. However, you cannot do away with it immediately, but by following the below mentioned tips, you can bring the pool water back to normal in a few days.

Clear the green water from the pool

  • Clean the debris accumulated on the floor of the pool: Firstly, the debris that must have got accumulated on the floor of the swimming pool needs to be cleared. To clean this debris, make use of a leaf net that is large. Do not make the mistake of using a hand skimmer. If you think vacuuming the pool is a better option, you can go for it only if there is not too much debris settled on the floor.
  • Keep a check on the pH level: It is extremely important to check the pH level of the swimming pool water. If your swimming pool water has a level of 7, the water is neutral. If it is more than 7, the water is alkaline and if it is below 7, the water is acidic. Check the pH level of your pool water and aim for a level between 7 and 7.6. This level can be adjusted using pH increasers (bases) or pH de-creasers (acids).
  • Shock the pool water: Shocking the pool will kill the bacteria and algae that would be thriving in the pool water. Use a strong chlorine shock treatment by keeping the ratio of around 1 lbs: 10,000 gallons of water. Using a liquid shock will deliver better results. If the pool water is too dirty, you might have to repeat this process for a few days until the color of the pool water changes to cloudy white, light green or until you can see crystal clear water.
  • Run the pool filter for 24 hours: Last but not the least, run the pool filter for 24 hours daily for around 4-5 days. Since the water of the swimming pool will be dirty, you might have to clean the filter several times in a day. The dirty water of the pool will certainly clog the filter – but backwashing the filter will help in clearing the impurities from the pool water.

Follow the above mentioned tips and get crystal clear water in around 4-5 days.