Replacement filter cartridges are one of the most economical equipments used in the maintenance of pools. However, many people live in a misconception that replacement filter cartridges are not the reliable solutions, but as said before it is a misconception. You need to check out the authentic pool supply dealers and they will provide you the best quality equipment. The main point to ponder is that why and when do you need a replacement filter cartridge.

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The pool filter cartridges are made up of certain fibers and these fibers are responsible for collecting dirt and debris. After repetitive cleaning, the fiber stretches and separates and thus, it allows the dirt to pass on unfiltered. The dirt will then be collected in certain blocks and the flow of water will be affected. Therefore it becomes important to replace the filter cartridge.

Replacing an original filter cartridge with another original cartridge can burn a hole in your pocket. A replacement filter cartridge is an affordable and reliable solution. They do affect the functioning of your pool filter, but on a positive note. These cartridges actually enhances the functioning of the pool filters. It properly churns the pool filter, eliminates dirt and debris and thus, make your pool the cleanest pool to swim in.

Now comes the main question, when to switch to the replacement filter cartridge? While you clean your existing filter cartridge, you will be witnessing a few holes or pores here and there. This wear and tear on the filter cartridge will make you realize that it is time to replace the cartridge. If in case, you fail to notice that while cleaning, then there are other indicators also. When your pool filter takes forever to work or churn and you need more and more chemicals to keep your pool clean, then it is one of the indicators. Further, when you notice algae troubling your pool more frequent then its time to get a replacement filter cartridge.