The closing of any pool is a big deal and certain steps need to be followed. Read on to find out more.

So it is nearly winter in the United States and many of the states are already seeing the beautiful first snow of the season! Well, does snow herald the closing of your pool? It ideally will, if it is a personal pool in the backyard or an open public pool. Unless and until it is indoors, it will need to be closed for the winters!

There are some steps you need to follow if you have to close the swimming pool for a couple of months:

  • First and foremost is the fact that you will have to gradually balance out the chemical levels of the water. Do this a week in advance - Maintain the pH levels to nearly 7.4 and alkaline levels to nearly 100 ppm
  • Pool owners must have done "shocking" at least once before. Do the same process by procuring an algaecide and shocking the pool in advance (1 week). This is a necessary step when you are closing the pool
  • The chances of snow forming or accumulation are high and you do not want to store or keep any of these equipment/things in the pool - pool fittings, cleaners, decks, rails, buckets, baskets, nets, skimmers etc.
  • How much water can be stored or not stored is best known by reading the instructions on your manual or even contacting one of the pool experts at Pool Filters.
  • Make sure everything is switched off - heaters, pumps, filters, lights etc.
  • Make sure the entire pool is as clean as possible
  • Lastly, cover all the equipments and store it properly in a winter-safe place