Things to Consider When Installing an Infinity Pool

A pool in your backyard is a fun and happy place for the entire family. If it is an infinity pool, then it is infinite joy! That’s the pull of these mysterious-looking pools.

Also known by equally mystery-evoking names such as zero edge, negative edge or vanishing edge pools, infinity pools are not really infinite, but they are constructed to create a visual illusion of infinity.

Infinity pools are a thing of pride for luxurious resorts and hotels; and it is possible to create an infinite pool in your own backyard. But before installing, take a moment to consider other factors to help you decide and prepare. Here are a few items to keep in mind:

Determine the Size of Your Pool

Infinity pools need more space than regular pools, so it is important to analyze the area you have and then plan the size of your pool. When installing infinity pools, you will need additional space for the catch pool as well as the swimming area. Another point to consider is the intended use of the pool. This helps you to decide what size of pool you need. Also keep in mind that, small or large, your infinity pool will require a filtration system and this will take up additional space.

Know the Construction Time

Infinity pools are a highly evolved design and skilled engineering will be needed to construct the structure. In addition, extra efforts and steps are required to prepare the ground. Installing an infinity pool requires double the work because it is essentially installing two pools. Hence, this requires additional time for construction.

You can Cut the Cost with Half Edge

If your budget is tight, but you have your heart set on an infinity pool, consider a half edge pool.  This means exactly what it says.  It is possible for your pool to have the feel and look of infinity without the entire edge. This look includes just one corner edge but it will have the same aesthetic and visual appeal you love. The advantage is that this design will help to keep the cost down.

Your Property is Suitable (or Not) for an Infinity Pool

Plots with a gentle slope or with some elevation are best suited for installing zero-edge pools. If the area where you are putting the pool does not slope, constructing an infinity pool can be difficult. It is possible to create an artificial slope, but be prepared for the extra cost.

If the area has very steep slopes, again, this can result in extra costs. Even so, many homeowners living on hillsides or steep areas have built infinity pools and they are happy with the view they get to enjoy. 

The Cost of Installation

The structural needs of a zero-edge pool are much different than the traditional pool and as a result the installation process is much more complicated. Technically, there are two swimming pools for one single infinity pool. You may swim in one but the other is the backbone of the pool. Without the catch basin, there will be no ‘infinity’ to the pool. Hence more structural work is needed to install an infinity pool, and extra preparation is needed for the ground. Both the main pool and the catch basin require high installation standards to ensure strength and safety.

Thus, the cost of constructing an infinity pool is higher than the normal swimming pool. Cost estimation might be difficult because of the customisation required for the infinity pool which again depends on the layout of the plot and the customer’s preferences.

The Maintenance Cost

Though the infinity pools seem like extra work in terms of maintenance, it really isn’t. Infinity pools have strong potent filtration systems that help in the continuous circulation of water and prevent the growth of algae. A high quality filter cartridge is essential, and a great option is pleatco replacement pool filter cartridges.

Infinity pool isn’t a DIY Job

Building a regularswimming pool compared to an infinity pool is easy and some people, with help,can construct a beautiful pool for their backyard. An infinity pool, on the other hand, requires substantial skills in engineering, and the process is far more technical. This type of pool requires specialty pool builders.

An infinity pool will be a beautiful addition to any property, but it requires careful consideration and expertise construction. Use the above tips to assist you in making the best decision, and enjoy
your new infinity pool!