It is very important for a spa or a pool owner to install a filter to ensure crystal clear water. Earlier pool and spa filters were huge, made excessive noise and were heavy to carry and install. But, today, a change has been observed in their features and specifications. Manufacturers of spa and pool filters have come up with new models that not only appear stylish, but also include advanced features. The latest quality pool filters products are much better than the traditional filters. They run silently, thereby reducing the irritation caused by noise.

Need for a Filter

A filter keeps the water of the spa and swimming pool free from all the unwanted contaminants. The water gets circulated by the filter and the process of heating and filtering follows. This process keeps removes all the dirt, keeping the water clean. When you plan to a filter for your spa or swimming pool, make sure you select quality pool filters products so that they function in a efficient manner. Some people make the mistake of keeping the design of the filter on priority list rather than paying attention to the quality of the filter. Always prefer quality over appearance.


We often overlook features like availability of timer and regulators. It is very important to select a filter having these features. A filter having an automatic regulator keeps the amount of water flow in check and the timer efficiently controls the usage of the pump.


Often pool and spa owners get confused about what the ideal size of the filter should be. If one decides to purchase a large pool or spa filter, it might consume a lot of energy. On the other hand, purchasing a small pump might not fulfill the filtration purpose efficiently. Therefore, a pool or a spa owner should first analyze the the volume of his spa/swimming pool and then select a filter accordingly.


Always opt for a filter that can be easily cleaned. It is important to clean the filter and pump at regular intervals so that it functions in a proper manner and lasts for a longer period of time. If you buy a filter that has an easy cleaning procedure, you can save on the expenses of getting the cleaning done by a professional.

By keeping in mind the above mentioned points, you can select a quality filter for your pool or spa. This will not only provide you clean water, but will also save your money and provide you a relaxing experience each time you enter your spa or pool.