The Ultimate Inground Swimming Pool Cost and Pricing Guide

One of the best ways to increase the value of your property and have your very own private, relaxing summer spot is to install a swimming pool. While above-ground pools are known to be more budget-friendly, inground pools are considered more aesthetically pleasing to many. Additionally, an inground pool offers the ability to customize the pool area any way you like.

But while homeowners think about building the backyard of their dreams equipped with a fancy swimming pool, actually getting one constructed is an expensive affair. So, how much does it really cost to get an inground swimming pool at your home? How much will it be for maintenance, such as pool filter cartridge replacements, chemicals, etc?

While there are several factors that determine the cost, the type of pool and its average cost of ownership are two of the most important ones.

Types of Inground Pools and Their Average Cost

There are three different types of inground pools--Fiberglass, Concrete, and Vinyl. The average cost of building them varies significantly. Even the size of the pool you are looking for will impact the price.

  • Fiberglass Pool
  • Swimming pool installation service providers generally offer many different types of fiberglass pool packages, like self-installation, assisted installation, and turn-key installation. Needless to say, self-installation proves to be the cheapest of the three with turn-key installation being the most expensive.

    If you opt for self-installation of a medium-sized pool, the cost can be in the range of $15,000 to $18,000. For assisted installation, the average cost for a medium-size pool can be up to $30,000. The same for a turn-key installation could be as high as $50,000 and above.

  • Concrete Pool
  • With concrete pools, you don’t get the self-construction option, unless you are a licensed contractor with this expertise. Also, a lot of people believe that there should be a significant difference between turn-key installation of a fiberglass pool and construction of a concrete pool. However, the difference is not really much with regards to installation/construction.

    A medium-sized concrete pool generally costs $50,000 to $60,000.

  • Vinyl Pool
  • The low initial investment is one of the reasons why vinyl pools continue to be so popular. As a matter of fact, if you are up for DIY, you can find vinyl pool kits online for about $12,000-$15,000. If you are looking for assisted installation of a medium-sized vinyl pool, it can cost up to $25,000.

    For turn-key installation, the price can go up to $40,000. But note that you will need to replace the pool liner every 5-7 years, and this can cost an additional $4,000 for each replacement.

    Lifetime ownership costs for any type of swimming pool are considerably different, as each type has different requirements for maintenance. However, the most prevalent maintenance cost will be for pool filter cartridge replacements. Filter cartridges must be replaced regularly to maintain the cleanliness of the water in addition to chemicals, as well as allowing the filter system to work effectively.

    Lifetime Ownership Cost of Swimming Pool

    Concrete pools require some maintenance that is not required by the others, such as acid washing of the pool shell and replastering/tiling of the pool interior.

    While fiberglass and vinyl pools do not have such maintenance requirements, a vinyl pool requires that the liner be replaced every 5-7 years.

    All pool types require chemical and electricity usage.

    Based on the maintenance costs listed above, the average cost of owning a medium-sized concrete pool for 10 years could be up to $20,000. The same for a vinyl pool can be up to $12,000 and for a fiberglass pool, it can be around $5,000.

    Additional Cost Considerations

    Apart from the estimates mentioned above, there are also a number of additional costs that one should consider. For instance, you might be required to get a permit in order to get an inground swimming pool constructed at your home.

    Similarly, there can be other costs related to taxes, home insurance premium, repairs, heater, pool cover, pool filter cartridge replacement, accessories, and more. Most of these costs can vary on the basis of the custom requirements of the homeowners.

    Getting an Accurate Estimate of Installing Swimming Pool

    If you are serious about getting an inground pool, it is very important to get an estimate from at least a few professional swimming pool installation/construction service providers before making a decision.

    Discuss your requirements in detail, along with your expectations, type, size, accessories, duration, and more. Also, apart from the cost, consider the reputation of the service provider too when making a decision.