The Right Chemical Balance in Swimming Pools and Need for Unicel C 7430 Filter Cartridge

Water in a swimming pool always needs to be clean, clear and safe for swimmers. Certain chemical considerations regarding pools and significance of efficient pool filter cartridges such as Unicel 7430 have been explained here.

A swimming pool is a great luxury, but it also comes with the responsibility of maintaining it. Keeping a swimming pool in best condition is not just to improve its appearance but also to ensure the safety of swimmers. Circulation of pool water is quite different from that of tap water. In every six to eight hours, pool water gets recirculated. During this time, it gets contaminated by many impurities such as dust particles, oils and sweat from the body of swimmers, and other debris. These impurities are capable of reacting with pool disinfectants and forming by-products that are hard for pool filters to remove unless they are highly efficient like Jacuzzi brothers pool filters.

Maintaining the Right Chemical Balance in Pool Water

Sanitation is a process in which certain chemicals are added to pool water, to kill bacteria, algae and other microbes that spoil the quality of pool water and cause diseases. Chlorine and bromine are commonly used chemicals for pool sanitation. However, these chemicals tend to form by-products such as haloacetic acids and trihalomethanes. These by-products get accumulated in pool water and disturb its chemical balance. If ignored, these by-products can also affect the health of swimmers. Hence it is necessary to eliminate these by-products from time to time. Following are some necessary measures to maintain chemical balance in pools:

  • Maintain pH of pool water between 7.2 and 7.4. In case of abnormal pH value, add hydrochloric acid to decrease pH value and sodium carbonate to increase pH value.
  • Alkalinity of pool water needs to be maintained at 60 ppm.

Quality is a major concern while choosing pool products. There are some pool owners who buy cheap pool filter cartridges that are of poor quality. Afterwards, they end up wasting a lot of time and effort in dealing with pool filtration troubles. It is thus better to choose high-quality cartridges for pool filters.

Recommended Product

Anyone who is looking for a high-quality replacement cartridge for pool filter, can blindly choose Unicel C 7430. Conforming to technical specifications Pleatco # PJC110-M4, Filbur# FC-1492 and OEM # 42-3799-23 this cartridge is 22 13/16 inches long and 7 13/16 inches wide. It has numerous pleats which effectively trap the impurities in pool water.